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Salt Station

Beetroot and Apple

This gorgeous infusion harvested by hand from the coast of Dorset. The zing from the apple and the deep sweetness from the beetroot makes it a perfect salt to compliment the Smoked Salmon Bagel or Scrambled egg with smoked Salmon dish. 

Tomato, Olive and Basil

Salt Station

This coarse sea salt of olive rings, tomato flakes and basil comes from the Mediterranean. It is a rather tasty substitute  
to everyday salt and can be paired with the majority of the savoury breakfast dishes. 

Red Wine Salt

This is infused with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It gives a superb finishing touch to the Inverawe salmon dishes and is particularly delicious sprinkled on top of the organic tomatoes.  

Pink Himalayan Salt 

This salt was formed from ancient water beds millions of years ago which were covered in lava during the formation of the Himalayas. The salt has been insulated from the outside world for a long time so has therefore no impurities except the beneficial minerals and elements from the surrounding rock formation. This is perfect sprinkled on the locally sourced meats that are served within the main platter dish. It's particularly delightful when sprinkled on the local haggis too! 

Pyramid Rosemary Flakes

This is a natural crystal flake from the Mediterranean Sea. This delicate gourmet salt provides a mouth watering crunch with the added flavour of rosemary. I recommend to add this to the Eggs Pesto dish.  

Basil, Thyme and Shitake

This combination salt transforms every ingredient it's used alongside. It brings out depth to all foods. The compounds within Shitake may help fight Cancer, boost immunity and support heart health. I recommend this salt to accompany all of the savoury dishes due to its diversity. 

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt 

This unprocessed sea salt is blended with purified volcanic charcoal. Its bold intensity means it will compliment the full breakfast platter. The charcoal adds numerous detoxifying health benefits.

Persian Blue Salt

This is one of the oldest and rarest salts known on earth. It is extracted from pure and pristine unpolluted mines that were formed over 260 million years ago. It has a strong salty flavour that mellows into a soft and mild finish. I recommend this to compliment the Salami and Cheese Platter.


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