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Ardtorna Environmental Policy

At Ardtorna it is obvious how much guests appreciate the beautiful surrounding flora and fauna, and it is important to try to run the business in a manner that is as environmentally friendly as possible,

  • Local produce is sourced wherever possible – please see the Provenance page.
  • All jams and marmalades are home made.
  • An eco friendly ground source heat pump is used for all the heating and hot water, and there is a possibility of recycling heat from the on-site laundry facility.
  • All glass, metal, cans, plastic, paper and household waste are recycled as much as possible.
  • To help to conserve our planet’s precious water stores guests are asked to place towels on the rail that they will use again, and to place towels in the bath for cleaning.
  • Natural bio degradable cleaning products are used wherever possible.
  • Internet based marketing is used to eliminate marketing literature.
  • As the majority of our business is conducted over the Internet or return visitors, e-mail is used for booking confirmations, directions and general advice for the area.
  • The paper that is used in the printer is from sustainably managed resources, PEFC or recycled.
  • LED, energy saving light bulbs are used throughout the property.
  • Walking and cycling information is provided so that guests may enjoy nature in a sustainable, natural way.
  • Storage is provided for cycles.

Whilst Ardtorna endeavours to be sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint which has a minimal impact on the environment, it is important to assure guests that this involves no compromise on the 5 star gold comfort and quality.