Dear Valued Guest

I would like to share with you many of the new steps and procedures that have been put into place at Ardtorna to give you peace of mind...


Once you have booked your stay at Ardtorna you will be kept informed about all the services on offer prior to your arrival. Upon arrival you will be given a private personal check in service that will be contactless.

We have an infra-red motion sensor hand sanitiser located in the entrance porch, all room keys are sanitised and at all times throughout the introduction to your deluxe room, social distancing measures will be implemented.


Your bedroom will be thoroughly cleaned and serviced using antibacterial sanitisers. All cleaning products used at Ardtorna have been certified as effective against viruses such as coronavirus. Each room will be ventilated with fresh air. All touch points will be sanitised, including door handles, light switches, cables, surfaces, hairdryers, fans, kettles, fridges and garment hangers. Property information, in clear folders, will be sanitised before your arrival.

LaundryAt Ardtorna we are fortunate to have our own commercial laundry on site. All laundry is washed at 60C. We have invested heavily in extra duvets and pillows which will now enable extensive laundering of such items for your protection and peace of mind. Any additional fabric items located within each bedroom will be sprayed with an accredited anti bacterial spray.


Our gourmet breakfast, offering a choice of 12 main courses, will be served in the glass fronted dining room. Due to social distancing measures, we may need to ask what time you would like breakfast. There will also an option to have room service allowing you to enjoy a continental breakfast in the comfort of your own private space.

Increased food hygiene levels will be adopted, along with a few operational alterations that have been implemented such as a hot empty cycle will be run on the dishwasher before use each day, redesigning of workflow and improved ventilation within the cooking area. It has always been standard procedure here at Ardtorna to have a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, equipment and utensils before use, and this practice will remain in place in addition to extra measures that have since been put into place.


As many of you may feel uncomfortable eating in restaurants at the present time, and also want to take advantage of Ardtorna’s fabulous location and sunsets, a selection of dishes will be available each evening along with complimentary wine. These can be served at one of the many outdoor seating areas or within the comfort of your own bedroom.

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At no stage throughout your stay at Ardtorna will the quality of hospitality, service and facilities be compromised. Due to the modern design, space and minimalist features of Ardtorna, we are able to take such measures on board. As a result, it will be slightly different journey with the updated protocols in place, but the 5 Star Gold service will be on offer from the moment you enter through the door to your departure.

Warmest wishes,

Karen O’Byrne


Should you have any further specific queries regarding the above please feel free to make contact by calling 07867 785524 or email in order to clarify any further questions or requirements you may have.